The communication- education area in the evolution of the mass media

07.04.2008 10:28

 Why do the communication area and the education area have strategic relationship?

The communication area establishes an interesting challenge to the education area because the communication facilitates the contact of the subject, with the knowledge in more attractive and didactics ways. The pedagogy of the mass media seeks to be the theoretical speech and tries to give scientific validity to the communication – education area, first because now the communication assumes functions that have been carried out by the education during years, and this is possible thanks to the uses and the functions of the mass media; and second, to achieve that objective of being the theoretical speech of the communication- education, the pedagogy of the mass media deepens its study in seven dimensions that are developed from the different sciences.



 The debate of the relationship between communication and education has been outlined approximately from the year 1998; it began of the concerns and reflections about the use of the mass media and of the new technologies in the school work. It was a hot debate not only in the whole western world but particularly in Colombia and Latin America. This project arises parallel to the concerns of the academic world of giving a legitimized and accepted speech in the panorama of the social sciences to the communication. It was presented like a strategic and complementary relationship, in each discipline, before disputing knowledge or the orientation of cultural practice, generate construction processes and discussion about the sense and of the place of the identities in contemporary society.

 Nowadays the communication area assumes, thanks to the mediation of the audiovisual experience, functions that for years they have been occupations of the education area, these functions are the formation of identities of the new generations and the transmission of the knowledge. Although the education area for years has made its work fulfilling its responsibilities, it is necessary for the requirements of the contemporary world that the communication with the new technologies intervene in the process of learning  because Andrés Castellano Melo said in his text < Educación y comunicación. Reseña de una relación estratégica> that “it is considered that the cultural production of the mass media of information and, of the computer technologies they are other complementary educational scenarios of the school and at the same time, the traditional scenarios of education can be fed and transformed from that cultural production”



 The mass media becomes active agents of the transformation process, when they put on to the service of an authentic integral education, capable of developing the whole man, qualifying him to be the author of his own promotion. Like Juan Guillermo Lopez said in his book : “The mass media completes the function to communicate and to educate when they are used with educational ends.” The use of the new technologies should become a tool that will help the resolution of problems that the individuals face daily; to transform the mass media into the main allies of the education of not being of this way the education cannot fulfil with its mission, because the mass media are the only ones capable of arriving to all the men efficiently.



 Then, for the pedagogy of the mass media to achieve their objective, of being the theoretical speech and of giving scientific validity to the communication education, it begins its commitment with the pedagogic precept that “all knowledge is taught to everybody but some conditions of possibility should exist” (Juan Guillermo Lopez), that is to say a context, and the pedagogy of the mass media deepens its work in seven dimensions.  With the epistemological dimension begins the support of the studies that are originate from the communication-education area, the science, the technology and the communication they are configured for an effective diffusion of the knowledge; the cognitive dimension deepens in the message, the mass media and the receivers; The sociological dimension speak of the Social Sciences, the communication and the subject of study; The language, the expression and the representation are the topics studied in the logical-symbolic dimension; the ethnographical dimension works much more the study group and in the communication education the image it is validated because in it there is thought, reflection and this is principally what is worked in the aesthetic dimension.

 Probably for many people the strategic relationship between the education area and communication area can be seen strange. However this is a new tendency of investigation of the universities and the educative institutions to guarantee a efficient formation and education.

 I think that in the educative institution the administrators should seek to improve the technology of the institutions and they have to use the technology advances using more the audiovisual media and they shouldn't limit in to the classrooms.

 Other action that is possible to implement for make practice the theoretical ideas of the education – communication area is if the universities that have this proposal implement their ideas in their process and of this way demonstrate to other institutions that is possible and too efficient that the communication and the education work together.

 Pedagogically the mass media are viable and effectives for the education processes because they are essential part of the process of integral education, they facilitate the communication and expression, they contribute to the identification, they achieve the immediate feedback, they help to the development of the critical conscience, they have formative effects and they allow a direct, personal and dynamic relationship between the educator and the group. Finally, in this theoretical sustenance of everything what has been the communication education, it appears is an equation: if the pedagogy is the speech of the education area at the time the pedagogy of the mass media is the speech of the communication - education.



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